Law 20.393 Complaints

The Ethics Manual establishes that it is mandatory for all workers of the organization to report the suspicion that members of the organization are committing any of the crimes violated by Law No. 20,393, must be reported to the Crime Prevention Manager. To comply with the reporting obligation, you must complete the Report Form No. 20.393, downloadable at the end of this web page or by clicking here.

Those who make the complaint must provide an accurate and complete description of:

  • The facts reported that would constitute an infraction of the law, including the date and place where the conduct or situation subject of the complaint would have occurred.
  • The people who are identified as the authors of the infraction.
  • Any other reference or relevant circumstance that would help to better understanding the facts denounced.

The company contemplates the possibility of making complaints with both the identification of the complainant and confidentiality, but in both cases seriousness and responsibility will be required in the matters to be reported. The complaint should be directed to the Crime Prevention Manager, Mr. Mauricio Moya by any of the three channels that the organization has prepared for it:

  1. Electronic mail:
  2. Certified letter addressed to: Cerro el plomo #5680, oficina 404 - Las Condes.
  3. Personal interview at the offices of the organization.