Our Company

Since October 2007 we, Compañía Minera Cordillera S.C.M., have been extracting salt (sodium chlorine) from its mine site located in the northern region of Chile.

Our mineral deposit is located in the Gran Salar de Tarapacá, which is 100 kilometers south of the city of Iquique. This is a millenary fossil type Salar with no presence of surface water, live organisms or pollutants thus assuring the extraction of high purity raw material.

Our extraction site, Tenardita mine, is located over the north-south axis of the Salar, place where the purity of the salt’s composition fluctuates between 99.3% and 99.8%.

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The Legacy of its Founder

Leo D. Mahoney, entrepreneur, business man and philanthropist.

He was born in the bosom of a family of Irish immigrants. His father came from Ireland to the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, coming from Rock Chapel, a small village North of Cork County in Ireland. He began working at the age of 13 in his father’s coal and ice business, a company that quickly evolved into a heating oil company.

He shared his wealth generously committing his support to various local and foreign charitable institutions and non-profit organizations... See more